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More than two million disc golfers play on more than 8,000 courses around the world. There has been no major Christian influence in the sport—until now.

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Eagles Wings News

Here is a glimpse of the Zambia Disc Golf Experience!


Team Eagles Wings Announced!- We want to say congratulations to those who are part of Team Eagles Wings. We seek to help our young team members navigate the challenges that come with pursuing disc golf seriously and help them better understand what it looks like to honor Christ with their play. Click Here to see read more about the team and who’s on it!


Thoughts From Esther Schultz –  Esther Schultz recently completed her three-month internship in Macha, Zambia.  We took some time to catch up with her and talk about her experience and wanted to share her thoughts with you. Read her full interview here.



A Week at One of the Biggest Events in Disc Golf- Last week, a few of our staff members had the opportunity to participate in a disc golf event with over 1,500 competitors, and a huge group of staff and volunteers. It was an honor and privilege to be part of the event and you can read more here.


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Eagles Wings Programs

Youth Programs – Eagles Wings Disc Golf is excited to offer programs that introduce youth, and their families, to the game of disc golf, and offer opportunities to compete. Disc golf is a great lifetime sport, and one that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. We believe that disc golf presents a great opportunity to mentor and disciple people of all ages, but particularly youth.


Chapel Services – The entire Eagles Wings staff has spent time traveling for disc golf tournaments and ultimately being away from their local church family. Our chapel services are a way to be connected to the larger body of Christ as we fellowship together with other disc golfers. We welcome anyone to join us for a chapel service filled with prayer, singing praises to God and studying His word.


Course Design – With the sport of disc golf growing, a disc golf course can enhance your current ministries by providing a new and exciting activity for participants, but it can also provide new opportunities to reach your community. By partnering with us to install your course you will get an experienced team to help you design and build your course as well as coaching and assistance in utilizing your course for ministry.


Mission Trips – Disc golf is growing around the world, and we are excited to be a part of that.  We will be offering trips both within the United States and abroad, and look forward to growing the sport of disc golf through partnering with missionaries and tournament directors. Each trip is unique in the impact that it will make to those we meet on the trips as well as the people who go on these trips.


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About Eagles Wings

Eagles Wings Disc Golf is a division of Push The Rock that will carry out the vision and mission of Push The Rock using the emerging sport of disc golf. Although some may be unaware of this sport it is estimated that there are now over 2 million disc golfers who play regularly at 8,000 courses around the world with over 4,000 tournaments held annually. There has been no major Christian influence within the sport – until Eagles Wings began in 2015. We look forward to filling this void and plan to launch several exciting initiatives.

So how do we plan to fill this void? We have settled on four areas of focus, and look forward to sharing specific details in the very near future. These focus areas include:

  • We mentor and disciple youth, adults, and families by creating opportunities to learn, play, and compete in the sport of disc golf.
  • We seek opportunities to bless the existing disc golf community.
  • We connect Christian disc golfers around the world and provide training on how to use the sport of disc golf as a ministry avenue.
  • We help churches, ministries, and missionaries build courses and utilize them for ministry.

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The Story of Eagles Wings Through our Staff

When Dustin Leatherman began to craft the idea of Eagles Wings Disc Golf, he expected that he would likely be working on his own for some time before he would be able to bring on other staff. What Dustin began to realize is that there were many more people out there who were as excited about disc golf ministry as he was. Before things really got off the ground, he connected with Jim Schultz who had been working on a disc golf ministry for a while and had already come up with the name Eagles Wings.

Dustin serves as the national director of Eagles Wings and brings a vast knowledge and experience from working in sports and sports ministry. He is based in Pennsylvania for part of the year and Florida for the other part of the year.

Jim brings over 15 years of youth ministry to the table. Many years ago when he won an amateur world title, he committed to God that he would use the platform to honor God and spread His kingdom. Jim has also been involved with many course design projects and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Jim recently moved with his family to Michigan where he will provide a second ministry focus area for Eagles Wings.

Dustin’s wife Hannah has also become an integral part of the ministry as she began by simply supporting Dustin in the work that he was doing.  As a touring professional, Hannah has seen success at some major tournaments including winning the 2015 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship. She has created an amazing platform for Eagles Wings to be a major presence in the disc golf community.

Within the first year, Scott Leader also joined the Eagles Wings team on a part-time basis. While he is in the beginning stages of getting Eagles Wings started in Colorado, he also supports the rest of the team.

In the near future, we also hope to welcome new staff members. Be looking for Seth Hogan who has already helped Dustin with local events in Pennsylvania. We are also excited to be expanding into more states including Washington with Chris Rodriguez and Florida with Zachary Smith.

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