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A lot of life is happening right now…the kind we will talk about for years to come. Yet in the midst of all this craziness we want to offer you some hope that God’s presence is ever near and He is caring for each of you in your present situation.
We have a lot of new things on the horizon! I hope you find something that will excite you. We invite you to join us.
* All physical events are subject to change depending on what the State and PDGA allow at the time of the events. 
1.) Breakers Disc Golf League
We are partnering with Summit Church to help them host the league at the Breakers Disc Golf Course this year. We’d love to have you! You are able to come play as a guest for $5 a night @ 5:30pm Thursday nights.
2.) Eagles Wings JUNIOR Midwest Regional
*July 30-31
We will be hosting our annual Junior Tournament in 2021 and plan on it being an event to remember. Stay posted for more information coming soon!
3.) Unchained Disc Golf Conference
*TBD – Looking at October 
We will be hosting it up in the Ludington area with an overnight stay option. This is a time to connect with local Christian Disc Golfers and be encouraged in your faith through good discussion, teaching, and lots of disc golf.
4.) Disc Golf Devos
The Disc Golf Devos are starting to take off! Last year we had a book put together with all the entries, but we added video recaps of the written Devos that can be emailed or texted to your phone. Sign up here: www.discgolfdevo.com 
Check out the Facebook Page: Videos
3.) Other News
  1. In January, Florida had their Unchained Conference and hosted 30 people in a camp atmosphere and had another 30 people online! We are looking forward to hosting our Michigan version with some added events too.
  2. Jim Schultz is working fervently to put in about 4 new courses just this year with more possibilities on the horizon. If you have a desire to help with them then contact us so we can get you involved in making a difference.
  3. Because of COVID, Disc Golf as a sport has been on the rise! There are new stores opening up and new courses being put in all over Michigan.

We pray for you often so if there is anything specific you would like us to be praying for please send us an email and we would love to pray for your requests. 

Have a wonderful season and stay safe everyone!

Local Staff

Jim Schultz – Based in Paw Paw, MI Jim has been an avid disc golfer for many years. He always has a story to tell, which served him well in his previous life as a youth pastor. Along with working with Eagles Wings, Jim is a former Amateur World Champions and has dedicated his platform through disc golf to honor God. Be sure to ask him about his family and all that they are up to. Read more about Jim here!

 Leah Cole – Based in Holland/Zeeland, MI.  Leah started working with us in 2018. She has traveled the world doing ministry work and she has a passion to be able to use sports to share the hope that Jesus gives. Currently, She is able to be at home with her two little boys. Her husband, Chad, is also very involved with Eagles Wings and they make a great team.

Local Support

Jacob Stahl of Disc Baron has been a big support to us in this region. He has stepped up to be the title sponsor of our youth tournament and even been the Tournament Director for us. We look forward to continuing to work with Jacob and would highly encourage you to support Disc Baron.


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