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Eagles Wings Mission Trips

Disc golf is growing around the world, and we are excited to be a part of that.  We will be offering trips both within the United States and abroad, and look forward to growing the sport of disc golf in this way.  Our trips abroad will focus on assisting missionaries by installing disc golf courses in their community, and helping them utilize them for ministry.  Our teams will install the course, teach the community how to play, and leave them with the equipment they need.  Our trips within the United States will focus on assisting tournament directors at PDGA Majors and National Tour Events while offering a chapel, and ministering to competitors.  Find out more about our specific trips, and how to apply using the links below.

Previous Trips

Costa Rica 2017 – Eagles Wings visited the local Push the Rock missionaries in Costa Rica in 2017. The built a 9 hole disc golf course at a local park and began teaching disc golf to the local missionaries and kids. Read about this trip in the following news posts.

3/12/2017 Update
3/13/2017 Update
3/14/2017 Update
3/15/2017 Update
3/16/2017 Update
3/17/2017 Update
3/19/2017 Update



Zambia 2016 – Eagles Wings visited a local Push the Rock missionary in Macha, Zambia in 2016. This was the first trip for Eagles Wings Disc Golf and was a tremendous success. A course was built near the complex already in use by Push the Rock. Stories keep coming back about the joy the Zambians take in playing disc golf. Read more here.

Recent Trips

Zambia 2019 – January 17th through January 30th 2019 – As a team we will design and install an additional 9 holes on the disc golf course, and run the first PDGA event in Zambia.  This will provide an additional tool for the missionaries there to use long-term and bring additional exposure to what they are doing in the country with disc golf. Each member of the team will be involved in the design and construction of the course which will include tee pads, baskets, and signage. Push The Rock Zambia has year-round ministry at local schools, prisons and orphanages, with most of their ministry taking place on their grounds. Read more about this trip here.

Costa Rica 2019 – February 22nd through March 2nd 2019 – As a team we will design and install a 9 hole disc golf course located in Parque de Libertad in San Jose. Each member of the team will be involved in the design and construction of the course which will include tee pads, baskets, and signage. While there the team will also spend significant time teaching the sport to the staff and the community at local schools and churches. Building this 9 hole course in the park gives the ministry a more public face and access to building relationships with the local community.