Eagles Wings Junior Grant Winners

2018 Eagles Wings Junior Grant

 Evelyn HeathPDGA #84438 – Doncaster, Australia – I want to spread the word about disc golf as much as I can. A few months ago, me and a few other local juniors were featured on an Australian Children’s TV program called “Totally Wild”, on a segment about Disc Golf. It was very exciting and I enjoyed being interviewed and showing the host of the show how to play. I would like to meet other junior girl disc golfers and my disc golf idol Paige Pierce.

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Nicolas MarrPDGA #87932 – Frederick, Maryland – I love disc golf because I’m enjoying God’s creation and I love meeting new people. Recently, the leader of my middle school ministry asked me and my sister, Lily, to set up a series of disc golf workshops to teach them how to play. We will teach 3-5 workshops during class time on Sundays.  It is my goal to try to get as many kids into disc golf as I can.

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Wyatt MahoneyPDGA #89460 – Glastonbury, Conneticuit – I try my best and continue to work hard while playing and also showing others why I love Disc Golf! I am deserving because I believe in Disc Golf and I believe in myself! Others can see how much disc golf sets my soul on fire! On April 15, 2018, I will TD my first tournament,  “Disc CT Junior Spring Warm-Up,” to help grow the sport where I live and give local junior players an event in CT to play in.

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Jordan SmithPDGA #77952 – DeQuincy, Louisiana – It is my goal to spread the game of disc golf throughout my community. We do not have a local course, so growing the sport and attempting to teach disc golf in my community is more challenging. Hard work, determination and discipline all make up my character. Watching the pros play and Simon Lizotte’s insane 600 foot bombs keep me working towards a longer throw using a variety of daily workouts.

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Lucy BurksPDGA #70025 – Boring, Oregon – I enjoy giving back to the disc golf community. During 2017, I was an assistant TD for a charity event and a TD for my own Throw Pink event. I’ve been teaching clinics as opportunities have become available. My goals for 2018 all include giving back to my community to include two more Throw Pink events, more clinics, and TD a junior’s series. With the help of my sponsors, Innova, and DISTrict, these events will be free to anyone that arrives.

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Jason CasperPDGA #91724 – Jackson, New Jersey – I would like to get more involved in not only the disc golf community, but the community at large. I would like to run food or clothing drives on behalf of our local disc golf club, Central Jersey Disc Golf, that would benefit my town’s clothing and food pantries. I began disc golf in 2015 with my dad and I have been obsessed with the sport ever since. I plan on continuing with this sport and I am very excited to see where disc golf takes me.

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