Jordan Colburn

What is your best Disc Golf Memory?

My favorite disc golf memory is playing in a tournament for the second year in a row and improving by 24 strokes!

 Why did you want to join Eagles Wings?

I wanted to join Eagles Wings because it combined my love for the sport and the community and my calling to reach people for Jesus!

What is your favorite disc in your bag and why?

My favorite disc in my bag would have to be the EMac Truth because I know what it is going to do every time and it is my most consistent disc.

What is your favorite shot to throw during a round and why?

My favorite shot to throw during a round is probably the forehand flex shot because it is really fun to throw and you never know if you are going to accidentally turn it into a roller.

What is the next course on your disc golf bucket list?

The next course next on my bucket list would either have to be Maple Hill or Emporia Country Club.

What other hobbies do you have or what other sports do you participate in?

My hobbies include playing music, camping, hiking, and sleeping. I also love to play ultimate frisbee, basketball, and slow-pitch softball.

At Eagles Wings Disc Golf, we are full-time missionaries and are financially supported by people like you.

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