Spain Internships

Spain Internships

Internship in Tenerife

For many people, the Canary Islands of Spain are a vacation destination. Beaches? Check. Blue waters? Check. Volcano? Check. Passionate about sports? Check. In desperate need of the Gospel? Check. Check.

Push The Rock has been partnering with churches on the island of Tenerife since 2009. They have a tremendous heart for their communities and have outreach teams come throughout the year to help with special events. We have been involved in the sports ministry that has happened, which has opened up many doors into the hearts and lives of Canarians. We have worked with various basketball clubs to provide more than just excellent athletic instruction. We have provided a Christian focus that is foreign to many.

Come to the beautiful island of Tenerife. Enjoy the breath-taking beauty. Hike the volcano. Hit the beach. Most importantly, invest in God’s work there. The majority of your time will be spent building relationships. That happens in more formal settings, but it most often happens informally … getting together over a meal, shooting hoops at the gym or park, hanging out downtown. Because we send a team to Tenerife each summer, you would also help coordinate logistics for those two weeks, help run the clinics while the team is there, and then focus on follow up with campers and their families once the team leaves. As an extension of the local body of believers there, you would also be a part of other outreach events put on in the communities.

Two critical components to serving as an intern in Tenerife: conversational Spanish and being a “self-starter.” These will be important as you work with the basketball clubs, in schools, and in the community. God is doing some really great stuff in Tenerife. Is He calling you to be a part of it?

Availability: any time of year

Internship in Madrid

The capital city of Madrid is like most other capital cities around the world … busy, modern, full of people, and in need of Christ. It also consists of many bedroom communities that cater to the larger city. Push The Rock has been running summer clinics in Arroyomolinos the past two years and doors have recently opened in adjacent communities.

Spend time getting to know the kids during the week long clinics when teams from the US come in, but spend the majority of your time outside of those weeks building relationships, connecting with kids in the community, and investing in the community through other activities and programs that you will organize and run.

You will quickly learn that although Spain is very Western, it is very post-modern. It is not very welcoming to the Gospel, but you will find warm and inviting people there who want to experience Christ’s love through you (they just may not know it yet)!

Availability: summer