Comprehensive Gap Year

They say that “Variety is the Spice of Life.” One of the only ways to verify that claim is to try the different spices. That is exactly what the Comprehensive Gap Year provides … serving in a variety of different areas, including the USA and several of our international offices.

The Comprehensive Gap Year incorporates time spent in any combination of the following regions … Costa Rica, Spain, Guatemala, USA, and Brazil … working alongside onsite Push The Rock staff on a daily basis. Spending time in any of these areas allows you to see how sports ministry works in different cultures. The flavor of ministry in Costa Rica is very much different than that in Brazil. The spice of Guatemala is very different than that of Spain or the US.

Click on the individual Gap Year programs below as the Comprehensive Gap Year encompasses a piece of these. We do not currently have Gap Year programs available in Italy or Spain, but a Comprehensive Gap Year could entail some time in Italy and / or Spain as well.

Time Frame

There is no particular beginning or end date for this Gap Year. We are able to accommodate virtually any start date and end date. However, we are recommending a 10-month commitment. It is true that we are willing to be flexible with the length of this Gap Year, but that will be dependent upon the ebb and flow of ministry in each location. As you can imagine, there are any combination of possible scenarios for your Comprehensive Gap Year, but to give you a few ideas of what it could look like for you:

Sample 1

  • USA: 4 months
  • Brazil: 3 months
  • Costa Rica: 3 months

Sample 2

  • USA: 4 months
  • Guatemala: 3 months
  • Costa Rica: 3 months

Sample 3

  • Costa Rica: 4 months
  • Guatemala: 3 months
  • Spain: 3 months

Sample 4

  • Costa Rica: 2 months
  • USA: 2 months
  • Guatemala: 2 months
  • Brazil: 2 months
  • Spain: 2 months

These are only ideas / samples of what you could do with your 10+ months with us.


You will come to our international headquarters in Emmaus, PA, for one week of training to kick off the Gap Year. At the conclusion of that first week you will head to your first destination, whether it be here in the US or to one of our other offices. The week of training will be spent in cultural training and all things Push The Rock, including staff, vision, mission and core values, and our philosophy of ministry.


This will fluctuate based on when and where you are headed. Once we nail down the locations and dates we can build the budget for you, which includes, but is not limited to: airfare, food, lodging, transportation, and insurance.

Next steps

Seeking the Lord for guidance and wisdom throughout this process is the right thing to do. If you sense that the Lord is leading you to serve with Push The Rock on the Comprehensive Gap Year, please submit an application. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us or give us a call. Once you have submitted an application we will begin the application process, which includes an initial phone interview and then a follow-up interview, either in person or again on the phone.

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