AROMA back in Macha

For the third consecutive year, Messiah College and their sports ministry department AROMA, sent a team to partner with us here in Zambia.

Alongside our staff, the AROMA crew kept busy running morning clinics, followed by afternoons spent at our recreation center and disc golf course.  Beyond sports and sharing their testimonies in Macha, the team was also able to introduce, explain, and share a water filtration system with over 50 families from a local village community where we went for local outreach, which of course also included various sports activities and a friendly soccer match with the local team.

While here, the AROMA focused on teaching the game of baseball/softball, as well as teaching various basketball skills. Baseball and softball are basically new sports here, so it is of huge value to have athletes that can help the children learn a new sport, as well as teach our Push The Rock staff.  Basketball is gaining popularity as well, as was seen by the engagement of the children at one of our morning clinics.

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