Costa Rica Disc Golf Trip Update – 2.25.19


Today was our first work day! We all went to an elementary school after breakfast, and then some of the team went to Parque La Libertad to lay out the course and get final permission. After arriving at the park, they found out that the people in charge had Monday off, so they went ahead with course design and prayed it would be approved. At the school, we introduced disc golf to 2nd and 3rd graders and did some other games with them, as well as a short lesson on obedience. We had almost 90 minutes with each grade and it was a challenge to keep them busy for that long. They seemed to enjoy learning a new sport, with a few of them showing exceptional ability. After lunch at AMCA, we headed over to the park to wait for the lumber. Two hours and several phone calls later it finally was (mostly) delivered. The guys went right to work on the baskets and made good progress. We headed back to AMCA for supper and team time, and we were ready to call it another day.

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