Costa Rica Disc Golf Trip Update – 2.27.19

Today we had a 6:30am breakfast so we could arrive at the prison for our scheduled time. When we got there, we had to wait more than an hour for them to clear us because of a bus change. On a positive note, it gave us more time to talk and pray. After being screened, scanned, patted down, and a bit of a walk, we were finally inside. We had two 45 minute sessions with about 40 men in each group. We started off with Craig giving a short talk about why we were there. Some of the guys gave nods of affirmation when he talked about Jesus. Brandon and Ferrel gave a testimony, one for each group. They both gave  examples from their own lives about how God gave them hope through Jesus Christ  when they were at low points, and also what disc golf means to them. It was obvious that all the talks were Spirit-led. When we introduced disc golf to the inmates, it was super-exciting to see how much they loved it. We heard very positive comments and were told that the men felt loved that we would take the time to come there.
When we arrived at Parque La Libertad after lunch, our team working there had installed the rest of the baskets and we just needed to add the tee signs that were made from old patio stones that Jim had found and asked permission to use. No time was wasted as everyone grabbed their discs and ran to try out the course for the first time.
From there, we went back to the sports complex where we were for yesterday’s clinic.  A different group of people came to learn how to play!  We were also able to scope out a piece of the property suitable for several baskets, which was one of the sports director’s request.  He is excited about what Eagles Wings is doing and a potential partnership to serve families in San Jose.  We ended the day with a late supper, team time, and making plans for the tournament tomorrow!

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