Costa Rica – Disc Golf Trip Update 3/13/17

After a great day yesterday with the church, we switched gears and jumped into the work we came to do.  We got off to an early start boarding the bus after breakfast to head to a local school.  We were informed the space would be a challenge, and there may be some behavioral issues.  The space turned out to be a small parking, and a small enclosed grassy area on a hill.  While this presented a challenge, the group did a great job being flexible and working with the space available.  The kids were so incredibly enthusiastic, and the teachers and principal jumped right in.  We worked with 90 kids, grades 1-6, and it the kids had a blast.  It turned out to be an awesome clinic and a great start to the week.

In the afternoon we had the chance to walk the property where we will be installing the course.  Each of us came away excited about the prospect of the course that could be.  The property has much to offer with regards to potential holes, but presents some challenges we will have to work through as well.  We spent quite a bit of time talking about a potential layout, and look forward to diving in tomorrow to the actual design.

After the walk through we went to a local shop where the baskets were in the process of being made.  We started working on painting parts of the basket, building tee signs, and even helped with a bit of the welding.  In this project Push The Rock Costa Rica is partnering with another ministry, Students International, and it was a lot of fun to watch the two groups work side by side building the components of the course and sharing a common vision.  Tomorrow we plan to complete the tee signs, and hope to finalize the basket building as well.  We would ask that you would pray with us for the entire course building process as we have much to do before Friday!

The day concluded with a great meal, and a time of worship, testimonies, and Bible study.  Dave and Chad shared their testimonies with the group and did an excellent job sharing what God is doing in their lives.  As a team we have had some great honest discussion and times of worship, and it is clear that the Lord is creating an excellent sense of team unity.  Please be praying for the opportunities we have to share the Gospel tomorrow, and throughout the rest of the week with the students, the locals we encounter, and with our bus driver!




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