Costa Rica – Disc Golf Trip Update 3/15/17

Today was another day that had the team split up between course building and running clinics.  We switched up roles so that everyone could have the full experience.  In the morning we spent about an hour and a half with 35 kids teaching them in a soccer field by their school.  It was a beautiful setting seeing the mountains in the background surrounding the field.  We again partnered with Students International who sent a number of their staff.  Translators did an excellent job, and our staff continues to pick up phrases that allow us to be more effective in our training.  We did have one disc casualty when one of the local helpers launched a disc over the fence, across a busy road and on top of a sea of roofs.  Pretty sure we will never see that one again, but the excitement that shot created was worth it!

The team spent a lot of time painting tee signs, tee markers, digging holes and pouring concrete in the morning.  It was grueling work in the hot sun, but the team worked very well together and got a lot done.  The course is taking shape, and we can’t wait to get the baskets in the ground.  It is a lot of fun working together to design a course, and using the input of many to create something that we hope will have a great impact in the area.

At lunch we switched crews and did another clinic.  This clinic was in a small courtyard in the middle of a school.  Not an ideal setting for disc golf, but we taught A LOT of putting and did as many putting games as we could think of.  The kids were again very enthusiastic and enjoyed competing against each other and the coaches.  Many of the kids told us they plan to join us on Friday when we open the course, and we are looking forward to a large group coming out.  The course crew did some more work, and we feel good about ending the course tomorrow afternoon and hopefully installing the baskets.  Again we ask that you pray with us that everything would come together!

Tomorrow morning we will have a cool opportunity to teach disc golf in a prison.  This will be a first for Eagles Wings disc golf anywhere, so we are excited to make history here in Costa Rica!  After that we will be back to working on the course and hope to sneak in a round at the end of the day!

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