Costa Rica team begins the week with full days of camps and games May 27, 2010

We  finished up two great days of ministry with six clinics and two games over the last two days . Needless to say, we are tired as we wrap up the day .

On Tuesday we ran clinics at the Lomas del Rio school. The school is in one of the poorest areas of San Jose and in very poor condition. We literally run some parts of the clinic on stones and others on blacktop with broken glass. Despite very poor conditions we were able to communicate the love of Christ to over 240 5th grade kids. After the clinic we drove to the women’s prison for a 5 v 5 game on concrete. We got down 4-2 but were able to come back to win 6-4. After the game Amanda shared and the ladies in prison really seemed to connect with us and were very appreciative of us coming.

On Wednesday we made the long journey back to the Lomas school. The traffic here is unbelievable and every place takes a long time to get to. We ran one clinic for 3rd graders before the rain came and our 2nd clinic was cancelled.  We than drove an hour to Villas de Ayarco where we ran three clinics for 6th, 3rd and preschool kids. The school session was more like a group hug, even a controlled one at that, than a soccer session but fun none the less. The highlight was a teacher who played in high heels. After the sessions we crashed at AMCA where are staying before a girls’ game on turf. We won again and Rebecca shared her testimony after the game. It was another chance to do effective ministry through soccer. Well we are about to begin Team Time at 10pm so I must sign off .

Dave for the team

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