Costa Rica update 1/6/11

We are back “home” in San Jose after a brief hiatus in the northern part of the country. It was a tremendous team-building experience and some wonderful opportunities for ministry. We stayed at a farm up near the Nicaraguan border and ran daily clinics in surrounding villages. One has to travel a good ways to hit the next town, so we were on the road quite a bit in between clinics.

It rained much more than was expected, so that created some challenges for our bus. But we were able to get where we needed to go each day and we thank the Lord for providing in that way. The farm we stayed at had beds for most of the team while the rest of us slept outside in tents and hammocks under a large tin roof … with the rain, it was a majestic sound!

On Tuesday we spend the day clearing out a large forested area of the farm that will eventually be used for crops and cattle. Some of the team also spent the day digging post holes for a future fence. It was a nice break from the volleyball but also allowed us to serve side by side in other ways. It was hot and rainy at the same time, but it was a blast nonetheless.

We were invited to play a friendly soccer game against a local team, which we did Tuesday afternoon. We were beat from the day but were able to muster up enough energy to play two 30-minute halves. We really did have a great time!

Yesterday (Wednesday) we stopped in La Fortuna where the active volcano is (Arenal) and spent the morning on a canopy tour and the afternoon at a Hot Springs hotel. The canopy tour was incredible even though it rained the entire time. Ziplining through the trees sometimes 300+ above the ground is unbelievable!!! At the base of the volcano this hotel provided 25 different hot spring pools ranging in temperature from 72 – 152 degrees. Yes, some of the team members hopped into (and then quickly out of) the 152 degree pool. We made our trek home through an intense fog and arrived safely back in San Jose last night.

Praise the Lord for a fantastic 5 days! Thanks so much for praying for us! We are in San Jose today with a volleyball clinic this morning and a friendly match tonight.

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