Costa Rica Update #4 March 19, 2010

Hard to believe it is Thursday night already. Time has flown, but we have squeezed alot in! Today was our last day of clinics and matches and tomorrow we will be heading to the beach for the day. We are all very much looking forward to some R&R together.
We painted all day yesterday at a church up in the mountains. It was another hot one and the team knew that part of the painting was going to happen outside on the street. We painted the tin wall that the church has around its property. Most of the wall was about 10 feet high, but other parts were upwards of 15-18 feet high. Two passes with rollers and brushes and the wall was as good as new. We also cleaned up all the trash around the outside of the property and tried to make it look as good as new. Inside we painted and organized four different classrooms. Behind the church the team “de-nailed” a ton of boards and fought with all of the critters and bugs hidden in the pile of collected “items” from over the years. It was a fantastic day of serving together and worshiping the Lord in a different way. The Pastor and others in the church were so hospitable and accommodating and on several occasions praised the Lord for sending us there. Our prayer is that the church continues to be a beacon of light and a source of hope in Christ in that community!
In the late afternoon and early evening we went to a few markets to make some very important purchases. Not everyone likes to barter, but most people like discounts:). Pretty sure everyone got what they were looking for, but if not, it was not for a lack of looking:). The rest of the night included dinner, Team Time and some rare free time.
Today (Thursday) the group went to two schools and ran clinics. The schools this week were not chosen at random but were chosen because of the connection to the churches we are partnering with. Today we also partnered with GOALL Ministries to run the second clinic. It has been our privilege and honor to serve alongside these other ministries and look forward to the body of Christ working together to further His Kingdom. During both clinics the team and the kids mingled well and had lots of time to interact and ask lots of questions; some understandable, some not:).
The team played their last match tonight and had their final opportunity this week to share their testimonies with the other team. The ladies have really enjoyed playing, but they have also enjoyed getting to know the other teams. Tonight was no exception. The other team responded really well and because one of the staff members of GOALL is an assistant coach with the team, we are confident there will be follow-up!
After dinner we went to a local restaurant and enjoyed the very popular and ever-present dish called the “casado”. This dish consisted of rice, black beans, plantains and either chicken, beef or pork. In addition to these, fries, ice cream and a drink were part of dinner. Nothing like a very typical (aka “cultural”) meal to close out the day!
Tomorrow we are headed to the beach to enjoy God’s Creation. We have been blessed with incredible weather during our time here and tomorrow is not supposed to be much different … 97 degrees. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to plant and water seeds here in Costa Rica. For us it has been un gran privilegio!!!
Thanks for continuing to plead for us before the Throne of Grace! We need you!

Blessings in Christ,

Chico Schlonecker

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