Costa Rica Update #6

“God of wonders beyond our galaxy…”  That was the thought of the day as we stared amazingly at Poas Volcano – one of the few still active volcanoes of the world.  The crater it was in was over 1000 meters wide and 300 meters deep.  We could hear rumblings of gas being released … and smelled the sulfur shortly there after as the smoke/steam blew towards us.  An amazing thing to see, another blessing of this trip.  And though it was a bit cloudy at around 8000 feet, the wind was enough to give us brief clear glimpses at this awe inspiring creation of God.  Being able to share it with those closest to us on this trip was another highlight as well.

And true to how God has been taking care of us, the rain began to pour only when we got back in the bus to head to lunch!  HE has been doing those things all week:).  We stopped at Walmart to check it out and by a few gifts … (mostly coffee) and then headed to the soccer field to play a game amongst our own team, including our Costa Rican brothers and sisters.  It was a great time for sure, and I can’t help but be so thankful for this time here in Costa Rica.

It’s just after midnight, one day to go here in CR.  Hard to believe that only 9 days ago most of us met for the first time.  One staple of PTR trips is everyone sharing their testimony during a Team Time throughout the week.  It has been so amazing to see how God has been working in each of my teammates lives.  We were all inspired as one of our Costa Rican sisters shared tearfully how God has put a passion to be working with PTR in her heart, but she’s still at university.  She is trusting God that His timing is perfect and she will put her hope in that.  When you see God working in peoples’ lives, you can’t help but to be encouraged to look how He’s working in your life.   A God given passion is an amazing thing.

We will be hitting the road at 8 am tomorrow, so I should get to bed.  We’ll be off to paint/clean at a nearby prison, and then we are hoping our fearless driver (he is awesome!!) will have time to take us to a soccer jersey store before heading to our last soccer matches of the trip.  I am putting new pictures up on our facebook page!

Eric, for the team

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