Costa Rica update…8.01.15

Driving to the canopy: "Area de neblina" / "Fog area."
Driving to the canopy: “Area de neblina” / “Fog area.”

We had an early start for our fun day today. The local director picked us up at 6:00 am and we drove a little over an hour through the foggy, windy roads up to our first stop: a canopy (zip lining) tour through the rain forest. We had a very typical breakfast including “gallo pinto” (rice and beans), scrambled eggs, plantains, tortillas, and cheese. We then suited up – getting tightly strapped and secured into our harnesses. We were given some safety instructions and then headed down to our first line with our guides and another group that joined us. This is by far my favorite way to experience the rain forest – sometimes I wish I could go down the line slower to really take it all in.

IMG_1699We soared over a sea of green, crisscrossing over the river far below us. We completed eleven regular lines in all, plus a “Tarzan swing,” and the last line called the “super man,” which has been given this name because you are strapped into a full body harness and go down headfirst. From the canopy we continued a couple more hours to the hot springs, which are located near the base of the volcano, Arenal. We saw a good portion of the volcano when we arrived and saw the top peek through the clouds a little during lunch, but unfortunately it never fully showed itself. However the sun was not at all scarce, and it was actually quite hot, making it tough to find springs with a temperature that felt refreshing. We tried out most of the pools and the girls went down several of the water slides. After a few hours we were ready to head back to San José. The trip was a little slow going as we encountered rain, fog, bright headlights, a slow bus, and the increasing darkness on the very curvy roads. We returned to AMCA around 8:00 pm, had dinner, and concluded the evening with our Team Time devotions and another team member’s testimony. Praise God for His amazing grace and faithfulness! Hopefully tomorrow will provide some downtime to rest, recharge, and prepare for our next workdays. We are looking forward to a couple of new schools as well as returning to the foster home we visited earlier in the week. Thanks again for your prayers! Pura vida!


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