Costa Rica update…8.02.15 & 8.03.15


Playing fútbol at the school with the third grade class on Monday.

We attended the church that Push The Rock partners with here in Costa Rica this morning. We started the service with about 45 minutes of worship, followed by a time of prayer, and the pastor’s message, which lasted about another 45 minutes. The first song we sang was Alaba A Adonai (Praise Adonai) and the translation to Spanish struck me: “that all your creation, every people and nation, sing to Him.” It was powerful to sing that with this congregation and think of the others around the world singing praises to God. And it was a great reminder of our mission and purpose in being here. The congregation is so friendly and welcoming, and we chatted with different members afterward. We then headed to the mall to have lunch in the food court with 15 of the church members. The biggest challenge was finding space for all of us to sit together. After lunch we made a quick stop back at AMCA to change and go play soccer with other church members at a nearby indoor field. At first it seemed really small, but after an hour I was thankful we were not on a full-size field. After the game we ordered some typical dishes for dinner including “tacos ticos” (Costa Rican tacos which have meat inside of a deep fried tortilla topped with cabbage and pico de gallo, ketchup and mayonnaise). We finished the day with our Team Time devotions and heard another testimony of God’s faithfulness from one of our team members.



IMG_1888Today the girls got a glimpse of a teacher’s life. We spent the day at a private K-8 school teaching all of the Physical Education classes. We started with the first graders, then third, fourth, second, and eighth. We had a break for lunch, and then finished off the afternoon with the seventh, sixth, and fifth graders. We met with each class for forty minutes, which allowed us to do a short warm up, give instructions for either two stations or big group games, and a testimony from one of the team members. We decided to split up the classes and each share with two of them. It went by really quickly with the constant activity and switching groups.

IMG_1938Also, to the girls’ surprise, they were very fond of the older classes. It was again fun for me to see so many familiar faces (of both students and teachers). We stopped at Cosechas for juice/smoothies, which were so refreshing after spending the entire morning and afternoon outside in the sun. We drove back to AMCA and had some down time to get ready for dinner. The secretary of the board for Push The Rock Costa Rica hosted us. The girls are still loving rice, but are getting a little tired of beans, so they were content with our bean-free meal. After dinner we returned to AMCA and had our Team Time devotions. Its crazy how quickly our time is winding down here! Tomorrow we will return to the church to work with the preschool and then go to the foster home in the afternoon. Thanks again for your prayers and following our trip! Pura vida!

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