Costa Rica volleyball trip update #6 January 5, 2012

Thursday, January 5th 2012

We’re back from Los Chiles!!  We had an awesome time up north, and we have a lot to tell you!  Sunday, around noon, we left the AMCA house to go to the Resplandecer Farm in Los Chiles.  On the way, we stopped at a nice restaurant, where we enjoyed another great Costa Rican meal.  The food has been great here!  After that, we got back on the road for a couple of hours before stopping at a bridge where we could see iguanas on trees all around.  It was really cool, and I won’t mention names, but some of the team members wanted to join the iguanas in the trees.  They didn’t though, and about an hour later, we arrived at the farm.  We enjoyed talking and laughing in the bus the entire way there, but the laughter got pretty loud when the bus started herding cows on the road.  About 7 cows ran up the dirt road in front of the bus for about a half mile, until we made it to the farm.  At the farm, we met Dona Rosa and Don Tony, our very gracious hosts and became acquainted with our new living quarters.  Our hosts made us feel very welcome the entire team, and we enjoyed talking with them often.  We slept in a little “house” under a tin roof that was kind of like a cabin.  For the next few days, we got used to lots of bugs, mud, and cold showers.  That night, we enjoyed the first meal Dona Rosa prepared for us, had our team devotions, and hung out with each other before going to bed.

Monday was the first day of our earlier schedule, so we got up for breakfast at 7.  Around 8, we left for our morning clinic at El Amparo.  When we got there, we found a very muddy field.  So, we found the driest spots we could find and starting setting up.  At this camp, we had a pretty young group of kids, and the number continued to increase through the morning.  We enjoyed seeing the kids have fun and how excited they got at the gospel station.

In the afternoon, we had our first camp at La Virgen.  After eating the lunch Dona Rosa brought with us, we set up camp and found that this field was even muddier than our camp in the morning.  But, the camp went great anyways.  The kids that came at La Virgen were slightly older than our morning camp, and some of the older ones were pretty good at volleyball already.  We enjoyed playing with them at a higher level and seeing them get better.  We enjoyed seeing their enthusiasm as they dove around in the mud.  After the camp ended, Dona Rosa showed us some land down the street that she and Don Tony are praying for because they believe God wants them to have it to build a church there.  We enjoyed seeing their vision for this and praying there with them.  We then packed our muddy selves up and headed back to the farm for our cold showers.  We enjoyed another meal prepared for us by Dona Rosa and team devotions.  After that, we played some games and went to bed pretty early.

Since we are exhausted from a day of zip-lining through the jungle canopies and swimming in the hot springs, I’m going to have to cut this update short.  We’re preparing for our busy day tomorrow, and we’ll fill you in on more of our trip to Los Chiles in our next update.  The team would also like to say “Feliz Cumpleanos” to Mr. Halteman.


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