Costa Rica volleyball trip update #7 January 6, 2012

Some additional thoughts on our service project in Los Chiles on Wednesday and our “free day” on Thursday …

Our time at the farm was great.  Our host asked us to teach volleyball in depth as she wants to get teams started at both locations.  The clinics went extremely well, the kids loved the coaches and receiving certificates, and many talked with our host afterwards about continuing.  Team loved the farm.  Service project was crazy.  Started with the entire team loading what was supposed to be a “600 pound feeding trough for cows” into a truck, getting completely stuck in the field, and us trying to push the truck out for a long time.  We then walked down a steep hill that could have been used as a mud slide and hauled wood out of the jungle and up that hill for most of the day.  Team enjoyed it however and we ended the day with a bonfire and a time of sharing together. Our hosts paid the team many very nice compliments, and you could tell they were genuinely impressed with our team.  Today the weather was exactly the same as last year (rainy) for Baldi and the Canopy Tour, but it worked out fine and the team loved it.
The team has done an excellent job of putting themselves out there and interacting with people and as a result our interactions with the Costa Rican part of the team and with the people at the farm has been really good.

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