Costa Rica Volleyball update #9

Thursday 1/3/13

We greatly enjoyed teaching two clinics today at two different locations.  The word “clinic” does not do the experiences justice.  I suppose the only way to explain this is the cliché phrase, ‘you had to be there.’  Our first location was Medio Queso, literally translated “half cheese”.  This place, more than any other location, was in the middle of nowhere.  At the impoverished area of Medio Queso we simply joined a party, which was already complete with clowns and food.  We brought more food and a volleyball net, which we set up in the flattest area of the dirt field (which was not very flat!).  We split the kids up into stations, shared the Gospel with them, and passed out food.

Our second clinic had no similarities with the first besides the fact that is was unique!  We were on a small turf soccer field and adapted our ‘volleyball clinic’ as necessary.  To attract more kids we began playing soccer and soon the numbers grew from 10 to nearly 40.  After we had enough kids we broke up into our stations, but this clinic would be based less on structure and more on having free time to love on the kids.  It was a blast, we were blessed by the experience, and I think the kids were as well.

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