Czech Republic #5


Day 5, our last day, of baseball camp.  Where has the week gone?

We have been blessed with truly great weather throughout the week of camp.  NO humidity and warm temps have made it great to be at camp.

The team has been working hard with each of the campers, to learn baseball skills.  It has been quite a challenge for us this week, as we have had various skill level with no prior baseball experience to having played for several years or more.  To be more effective, we continually evaluated our schedule each day, and worked hard to make camp a fun learning experience.

It was another great day for us, as we incorporated several very different games into the day.  Games that weren’t really baseball, but required the skills needed for baseball.  Actually, we even modified ultimate Frisbee, and called it ultimate baseball, and they seemed to enjoy the game.

We ended the camp on Friday afternoon with our last ‘scrimmages’ for the week.  It was good to see that there was noticeable improvement from the beginning of the week.  It may have been small or large improvements, but either way, it was good to see that we made that kind of impact.

We can only hope that God will use the small seeds that were planted and begin to see them grow.

Lastly, as a team we took one last evening trip to Prague.  Prague at night is absolutely amazing and was a great way to end our day.


Our day off, and time to take in the sights of  Castle Konopiste.  It has quite a unique history and our tour of the castle allowed us to enjoy seeing quite the collection of very old armory used in the 1600’s and 1700’s.  We were able to meet up with a few friends from the states and another missionary couple to the Czech Republic and enjoyed time together eating lunch at the castle restaurant.

One last trip into Old City Prague, and then back to the house to begin our packing for home. We would appreciate your prayers for our travel day tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers this week.  God has certainly been good to us, and we pray that hearts will be changed and open to Him.


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