Czech Republic – Update #1

We arrived safely Saturday after a long night of traveling, but we are grateful that we and our luggage made it safely.

Sunday we worshipped with the CB Skalka church and Mark had the privilege of preaching the Word. After a quick lunch at a Chinese restaurant (by the way – that’s a joke) we headed to a school to warm up and play some baseball. It was hot but great to get out and play. After getting showers we headed downtown for dinner and some sightseeing. In Old Towns Square we were greeted by thousands of cheering soccer fans as they were broadcasting the World Cup on jumbo trons.

Today, Monday, we just finished our first day of camp. We had about 43 kids in baseball camp this morning.  It was good to see some kids return from last year and a bunch of new ones. It was an extremely hot day, near 100 degrees, but we had a great time. Several parents stayed and watched as we ran their kids through various stations.

We have the privilege of partnering with Larry and Michele Davies and the CB Skalka church.  Three of their members serve as translators. In the afternoon we have over 25 kids.  Today we played many different
games of dodgeball and kickball.

Pray that we get rest tonight and drink  plenty of fluids.

Thanks for praying!

Scott for the team

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