Czech Republic update #3

July 9, 2012

Today was the start of our baseball camp.  Weather here has been rather pleasant, compared to how terribly hot it has been through most of the East Coast.

We started off our day with having all the kids introduced to all the coaches, and those that were helping us out.  We then began to get them moving by doing some jogging, stretching,  and learning how to throw the baseball properly.  It is fun to watch the kids, that have not ever touched a baseball, and begin to throw the ball with some decent accuracy.

We then divided up the kids by age, and started a few separate stations to gauge ability, skills, and how attentive they are to learning the drills.  They did skills such as soft toss, 60 yard dash, fielding drills, and throwing with a speed gun, which shows how fast they can throw.  The afternoon dirlls consisted of stations with learning proper pitching mechanics, rundown drills, sliding drills, and the ‘pepper’ game.  The kids did really well in staying attentive and willing to learn what we were teaching.

Also, there are times for the coaches to share either their testimony, or a Sportsmanship Challenge.  Each of the coaches has the opportunity to share with the kids during these times throughout the week.  This part is a bit of a challenge, as we need to be very simple with sharing God’s love and how He can impact our lives.  Being an old Soviet block country, they have no real understanding of God and church.  Hmm, keeping it simple like the understanding of a child is how we need to present our testimony.

As our day of camp came to a close, there was an overall feeling of success.  Both the kids having a good time, and the coaches walking away feeling that we may be successfully instructing baseball.

In the evening we made a trip to Center City Prague.  It’s always amazing to see the architecture and culture of this country.  Simply majestic looking, especially as night comes onto the city.

One day of camp is now in the books, and we pray that we will be able to impact the lives of each camper in some way this week.

In Christ,

The Czech Republic team


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