Italy Day 4 of Week 1

Buongiorno! Welcome to July! It is the start of Day 4 of Camp for us and it is off to a great start. Wednesday of camp is always a tough day, but we thank the Lord that everything went well. Running camp outside always has its challenges, but it is also very rewarding. For one, it has been hot, but we are thankful it has not been raining. June has been cold and rainy up until this past weekend. We will take the heat over the rain any day!

The kids ran through lots of stations yesterday, but the focus was more on playing games with them. We wanted to mix it up a bit and break out of the “monotony” of drills. They responded well. They played hard, and if it is possible to play too hard, some of them achieved that. Multiple kids hit the deck, which again, on concrete and asphalt, does not feel too good. A little disinfectant and a bandaid goes a long way in getting a kid back out on the court. They did not want to sit on the sidelines at all, but instead wanted to get right back out there. A few kids took some nasty spills that included a sprained wrist and a sprained thumb. However, they were bandaged up and went right back out there. This morning, those same kids are back for more.

The team has done a great job of not only modeling the Gospel through their actions, but in word as well. Every person will share their testimony of God’s work in their life at camp this week. The kids have responded well by listening attentively AND by asking good follow-up questions, which has created a very unique bond between the coaches and the kids. In our break-out sessions with the kids, they want to know all about what our spiritual journey is like. We also break throughout the day to share various Bible lessons, speaking Truth and then making application to both basketball and life. The Lord continues to open up great doors for ministry.

Parents continue to stand around during camp and watch. They may not hear everything that is being shared, but they are also asking good questions. Our prayer continues to be that as we pour our lives into these kids and their families day in and day out, that they would see Christ, get to know Him personally and join the local fellowship of believers.

We had the opportunity to play the same team last night that we played Tuesday night. It was neat to play them again and interact with them on an even greater level. A good number of kids from camp showed up to lend their support, which was very fun! As we teach the kids about sportsmanship and character, we strive to model that on the court. I think that part has gone well thus far.

Again, Thursday is here and we are psyched about what the Lord has in store for today. It is another opportunity to love on these kids. Please pray for us today. Chances are, with the 6-hour difference, the camp part of the day will be almost over by the time you read this. But please pray for camp anyways, that the message of the Gospel would be very clear today. We have a game tonight and then we will get ready for our final day of camp tomorrow.

Thanks again for praying! Please do not stop. We need it!

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