DCCS Soccer #4

Today was quite a busy day!  It is 11:15 and we just returned and ate dinner less than an hour ago.  The day started off with another service project.  We returned to the same church that we did a clinic with yesterday morning to help them paint the outside of their building.  The actual church is very small, just big enough to fit their congregation of 45 people.  They are in the process of praying, looking, and waiting for a larger facility, but for now the pastor is very thankful for what they have.  When we finished, the outside of the church was a pretty dark green with a large yellow gateway for the entrance.

After a quick rest and lunch, we held a 2nd clinic in the same community.  In Costa Rica, the kids either go to school in the morning or in the afternoon.   With having a clinic in the morning yesterday and a clinic in the afternoon today, we were able to reach out to a larger number of children in the town.  Word must have gotten around about a group of soccer players from the States being in town because we had a much larger group today.  We were more than happy to partner with the church because they have a large problem with the young adults getting involved in using and selling drugs.  We hope that our 2 days of service help connect the local people with the church for it to grow and better serve the community.

Immediately afterwards the team left for their 1st match.  It took us 2 hours to get to our final destination as we had to cross the city in rush hour and then climb up and down dirt roads that seemed to take us to the middle of nowhere!  An interesting fact in Costa Rica is that no matter where you are, you can always find a decent soccer field in the most unexpected places.  To our surprise, the field had lights and there was a large number of spectators waiting to watch us.  We are not sure where they came from, but they were there!  The girls did a great job despite having to have 3 very nonexperienced players join their team as well as a dad be the goalie.  They left the field with a win, but even more importantly, they had the opportunity to share 3 testimonies and pray with the opposing team and spectators.

We are all ready to go to bed now in order to be rested and ready to go tomorrow.  We look forward to hosting 2 more clinics, playing another game, and visiting an orphanage.  To God be all the glory!  Thanks for the prayers!

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