DCCS Soccer #5

After the first week of ministry, Saturday was a day off to enjoy time together as well as zip-lining and hot springs.  We drove a few hours over the mountain to reach our first stop which was the canopy tour.  On our way we actually had to take a detour.  We noticed so many people walking in the same direction.  There was actually a religious pilgrimage in which the country celebrates the Virgin Mary.  So it was a national holiday.  The last 30 minutes it started raining, but once we arrived it stopped.  After getting all the gear on, receiving all of the instructions, we were on our way.  We went on 12 lines each one having something unique about it.  The length and height of them were all different.  The Tarzan swing was one of our favorites, and also one in which once you left the platform, our tour guides would shakes the cable so the rider would go up and down.  But probably everyone’s favorite was the last zip line.  We had to put on a second harness, our tour guides told us that was to prevent anyone from dying (just a little humor on their part).  What the second harness did was put us in the laying down position so we would feel that we were flying.  This last zip-line was over 300 feet off the ground and over 1000 feet long.  Needless to say this was an awesome experience.  Afterwards we had a traditional Costa Rican meal called casado.  We then boarded the bus and headed to Arenal volcano, where we would spend the afternoon at Baldi Hot Springs.  This resort consisted of approx. 12 pools, all natural spring water heated from the volcano. The coolest pool was 70 degrees, while several pools were around 110 degrees.  There were saunas, which our team was only able to stay in for a few minutes, and there were also slides, which were quite fast.  We then showered and changed and ate dinner their at a buffet.  It is safe to say that the entire team enjoyed a lot of food.  We then boarded the bus and Rafael, our driver all week, brought us safely back to AMCA around 11 pm.  While it was a very long day, it was a day full of fun.  Off to bed and ready to worship with our Costa Rican hermanos tomorrow.

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