DCCS Soccer #7

This morning we headed to a village in Tres Rios where we would run two clinics for pre-school kids at the Abraham Project. Each clinic had about 25-30 kids and lasted one hour.  We ran the clinic on a parking that also included a slight incline.  The team did a great job of showing Christ’s love  to these kids who either came from a poor village or were from the foster home. We then headed back to AMCA for a great lunch and also some free time.  Some of the team rested, went to the store, while others ran and did some ab workouts (preseason starts in a few days).  We then had team time where we finished our testimonies and looked at Philippians.  It has been great studying the Word together!

We then headed to a supermarket to buy coffee and lots of goodies to take home for friends and family.  After spending an hour or so there, we headed to a play a friendly match against the youth group from Funda Vida.  We played one match then combined both teams to play a second match.  After the matches, we closed with sharing a few testimonies. We then headed back to AMCA for a late dinner, some games, and packing as we head to the beach tomorrow for some R&R.


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