East Africa Update #1

The team arrived this afternoon after two somewhat grueling days of travel. We praise the Lord we arrived safely and that our hosts have received us most graciously. We were supposed to spend all day Friday during our layover in London, seeing the sites. Instead, we spent all day in two airports. There was an emergency that shutdown Heathrow, so we went to Gatwick for a few hours. We flew back to Heathrow and then stood in line for close to 3 hours to get our next tickets. Then we overnighted again in the air on the way to Nairobi, Kenya. We arrived under the cover of darkness so could not really see anything. We watched the beautiful African sunrise while awaiting our flight to our final destination. The Lord treated us to a spectacular view of Mt. Kilamanjaro on our way out. It was crystal clear out and the mountain was snowcapped. After 20 hours of flying and many additional hours waiting for flights, we are exhausted and ready for bed.
We got picked up at the airport and went back to one of our host homes, where we had lunch. After lunch the 18 adults who will be playing in the games went to a local court and practiced on one hoop. We had a blast getting to know one another in this way on the court. It also surprisingly drew quite a crowd. Game on for the two weeks we are here!
We went to a local eatery for some chicken wings and steak shish-kebabs. Tremendous food!
Tomorrow we are having worship with local believers and then will spend the day doing some orientation and also holding another practice in anticipation of Monday’s first games. We will also have a chance to talk through the clinics that will be run starting Monday.
We know you are praying for us and we are eternally grateful! Thank you!
East Africa team


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