When we first started work here, we knew we wanted both girls and boys to be part of our story.   At first, it was slow going and frustrating at times as we were not able to attract the young women to our programs.  Girls in our community are often busy doing chores or watching siblings…or were just used to being brushed aside by the boys, so they would not even come to try to participate.

Today though, after almost 4 years of working to include young women, we are happy to see changes underway.  Just last week this picture was taken at our midweek girls’ soccer practice.

It is exciting to see fruit.  Each one of these girls is a gift, and we are thankful we get to work with each one of them on a regular basis.

We continue to be grateful for progress and growth.  We thank the Lord for sending us the children He sends us each and every week.  We continue to pray, and ask you to join us as well, that we would have a lasting impact on the lives of ‘our’ boys and girls…an eternal  one.

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