Italy 2017 | Update 3 |

Wednesday was very similar to Tuesday as the team would make the 20 minutes commute from Faenza to Forli. The sportsmanship thought of day was on Enthusiasm, which was a running joke among the coaches, because of the coach speaking on this topic is very enthusiastic. Two of the coaches got to share their testimony (one during the basketball camp and the other to the other kids at the camp). Camp was 30 minutes short as all the kids were going to spend the afternoon at a water park near by. Given that the team had the afternoon off, we went sightseeing in Ravenna, approximately 45 minutes away. Ravenna is known from their mosaic cathedrals. The team would see the five cathedrals and finishing their time in the city eating gelato. As the team was heading back to Faenza, a thunderstorm hit providing plenty flash floods, hail, and winds. The team was able to make it to the house safely and arranged for the evening camp to be moved inside into a gym. After supper, the team would meet the 5 kids for camp and share the sportsmanship thought of the day. The team’s daily schedule remained the same on Thursday besides an afternoon trip. The team would run a basketball camp in Forli and an evening camp in Faenza at a local outdoor court. While running camp in the evening, the team was visited by several of the other staff from the Forli camp along with a team of college students from Tennessee, who were helping out with a ministry in a nearby city. The kids were excited to have the extra guest around especially with it being out final night of the camp. As camp concluded, the coaches signed the kids shirts and got gelato with the kids and their parents along with the other staff and guests. Although, the number of campers were low, the local church was very pleased with the week of camp and the future opportunities it will allow for other Push The Rock teams to invest.



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