Italy 2018 | Update 1 | June 24

Ciao Tutti!

The team is safe on the ground and ready for the first day of camp to begin tomorrow. It is hard to believe that less than 48 hours ago, we were traveling from PA to Italy. During our first couple of days, we have been on the move. The team arrived Saturday morning and spent the first couple of hours exploring Mestre. Interestingly, the first meal was kebabs from a place called Ali Baba’s (a signature restaurant of PTR Trips). The team later headed to Faenza with the missionary that lived there. Upon arrival, one of the team members insisted he needed to get some Italian pizza and coffee. Therefore, we headed to the nearest pizzeria and café. One of the team members (who is serving a year in Italy), assisted the group with how to order in Italian. Now, each team member is an expert at ordering food and drinks in Italy. ?

Today was the day the team would be on the go. The team attended church with our local missionary in Faenza. The church that we partner with in this area is in Ravenna but once a month it has a service in Faenza to accommodate those who cannot make it to Ravenna. There were 23 individuals in attendance, including the team. The team enjoyed worshiping and hearing the sermon in Italian. In addition, one of the team members shared a brief testimony during the service. Following the service, there was a potluck at the church. One of the team members even recognized a girl who had attended a previous Push The Rock camp. The time of fellowship with the church was refreshing and great as everyone got to interact and have conversations with people of various backgrounds. After lunch, they headed back to the apartment to relax until it was time to head to the center of Faenza in which the Annual Men in Tights/Horse Race parade would take place. This also offered a great time for the team to grab SCOOPS (aka gelato). Following the parade, the team was invited to dinner by our missionary partners in Forli. They enjoyed a wonderful meal that featured chicken, sausages, veggies, caprese, and plenty of San Benedetto Peach Tea (another PTR fav). The dinner was prefect as the team got to meet the local missionaries of Forli and the interns that will be helping during the week. The night concluded with a testimony and time of prayer during Team Time.

Please pray for the team as it begins its first week of camp in Forli and Faenza tomorrow morning.

Grazie Prego

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