Italy 2018 | Update 4 | June 27

It’s officially hump day during our first week! We have officially spent three days with the summer campers teaching basketball fundamentals. The kids have improved in numerous areas like shooting and passing. The sportsmanship thought for the day was on Enthusiasm. The kids were excited about going to the water park in the afternoon so it was a bit of a challenge to get them to be enthusiastic about basketball. However, the kids were very engaged during the coach’s testimony. Many questions were asked, especially in relation to what bad things the coach had done prior to following Jesus. In the afternoon, we headed back to the Forli Basketball Club Shooting Camp. The kids were excited to see us. One of the coaches talked about hard work and its importance in becoming better basketball players. We were allotted more time to do skill development with the campers. Instead of all shooting drills, we incorporated ball-handling into many of the drills. After the conclusion of this camp, the team went back to Faenza and enjoyed a nice pasta dish for dinner. Overall, it was a much needed relaxing night for us.

Thursday meant we only have 2 more days with the summer campers in Forli and Faenza. Since many of the campers were tired from the water park yesterday, we decided to do more group games with the kids. It was a bit of a struggle but the kids managed to make it through the four hour session. The testimony shared focused on God’s desire to have a personal relationship with you. We were reminded that our faith cannot be based off what our parents believed or church traditions, but rather on an intimacy Christ wants to have with us. Following the morning session, we decided to head to Imola (a city we previously held camps in) to hangout with campers from previous years. Upon our arrival, we were surprised to see how tall the kids had gotten. We spent a couple hours playing 4-on-4 with the kids and others at a local court. The kids invited us back to their house for pizza. We got to chat with them and their mother while watching England vs Belgium. In one of our conversations with the boys, they expressed their excitement for spending two weeks in the US later this summer. They couldn’t wait to attend Push The Rock camps and spend time with past trip members. Despite being a long night, we were glad to have some time in Imola and invest in the relationships already established.



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