Italy – Imola Camp Day 4

The spiritual battle rages on. Wednesday was a tough day this week. The camp had gone really well Monday and Tuesday so the anticipation was building for Day 3. We got some additional sleep Wednesday morning, which has been hard to come by, but were awakened by an emergency phone call. To make a long story short, one of our team members had to head home for a family emergency. He left this morning as we were unable to get him a flight out yesterday. It is very hard to put into words how difficult it was for everyone to deal with, but we continue to trust that the Lord has His plan.

Camp went really well and the coaches and kids continue to work hard. Hard to believe our two weeks are almost up. We have the Imola camp this afternoon and then our last day is tomorrow. Unfortunately, the 13 kids that came down from Udine need to head home tonight, so they will be leaving us at the conclusion of camp today. We are confident they have heard the Gospel. The seeds have been planted. We will be praying for these kids as they head back home and reenter their lives in Udine.

The Forli group did not go to Forli yesterday, so we stayed and helped run camp in Imola. That was a nice change. It actually also made it easier to deal with the emergency, having everyone together. Today we were back in Forli for the morning. Another cooker outside, but we praise the Lord that it has not rained.

We had a game last night against a team from another town. Apparently they trained it in from an hour or so away. They were a very good team and the game was a great one. We ended up losing by 2 points, but it was a blast. I think everyone was very well spent at the conclusion of the game. There is no doubt that everyone left every ounce of energy they had left out on the court. I guess the good part is that we have another game tonight, so we will need to muster up the energy for another round. Not enough time to sit around and think about last night’s game.

Near the end of the game one our player’s went down with a broken nose. He was cracked in the nose with an elbow from the opposing team. It was nothing malicious but just an unfortunate part of the game. He is struggling a bit today, but has endured. Will probably need a trip to the doctor when he returns, but nothing that cannot be fixed.

So yesterday was a rough, but rewarding day. The spiritual battle is real and we feel like we are fighting on the front lines right now … the battle is hot and heavy. Mussolini was originally from the Imola area, so you can understand the roots of the culture and mindset here.

We did have a chance after the game to watch the Germany – Spain match while enjoying hamburgers. It was great and we were hungry!

Please be praying for our afternoon clinic today. It is our last chance to interact with the kids from Udine. Also, be praying for tomorrow as it is our last day with the kids in Imola and in Forli. We have really enjoyed building into the lives of these kids, building relationships and building bridges between the churches and their community! Please be praying for strength and energy as we fight the battle. Our other team member touches down in the USA at 1:30 eastern time today, so please pray for him and his family as they look to Him in this difficult time.

Thanks again for praying!

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