Italy update 3

Buna sera!

Day is in the books. We are rocking and rolling in Mestre. It has been in the 90s both days, so we are getting a nice little tan as we work with the kids each day. We focus on fundamentals from 9-12 each morning and 3-5 in the afternoon. From 12-3 we go to the pool, have lunch and then split up into 5 groups that do English, VBS and questions and answer sessions with the kids. It is a great time to get to know the kids and for them to get to know us.

We have developed some great relationships with the kids and many of the parents. Each day is a new opportunity to develop friendships as we learn more about basketball and God.

It is hard to imagine that tomorrow is already Wednesday. Middle of the week and it seems like we just got here. Camp has been going well and we played some pick-up at the local courts. Tomorrow and Thursday we play games at night against some local teams. We are looking forward to rubbing shoulders with other guys our age and sharing Christ through our sportsmanship and character on the court.

Thank you for your prayers and for standing with us in ministry! Could not do it without you!

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