Italy Update #7

Buon giorno!

It is Tuesday morning and we are getting ready for Day 2 of camp in Mestre. We are excited about what the Lord is going to do in this town, the residential part of Venice, during this week. This is Push The Rock’s fifth summer here, so we are a recognizable bunch now. Having been here before really helps in breaking down those initial barriers with kids and their families. Their is some familiarity there on both sides and there is more reconnecting than initiating when it comes to building relationships. Nonetheless, that is exactly what we are here for … building relationships and impacting the world for Jesus Christ … one life at a time!

Yesterday was a good day. Again, Mondays at camp can be a challenge from time to time as everything and everyone is “new” to that camp. We have a bit of a unique situation with camp this week … there is construction going on right next to the court and the weather is quite toasty. We are taking water breaks every 10-15 minutes to make sure kids are well hydrated. Thankfully the noise from the construction site was not too overbearing yesterday. Inconvenient, but not overbearing.

We had 23 kids at camp yesterday and believe there should be a few more showing up today. We look forward to whoever comes our way as we will have the incredible opportunity (and responsibility) to live out our faith in front of these kids. Coaches have done a great job of sharing their stories of God’s work in their lives with the kids.

Let me back up a few days … Saturday morning we enjoyed some additional sleep and then took the 2 hour train ride into Florence. What a beautiful city! We walked around a bit, climbed up the Duomo, and walked over the Ponte Vecchio. Some even took the opportunity to see Michelangelo’s David. After about 5 hours in the city we took the 2 hour ride back to Imola to pick up our bags before the 2.5 hour ride up to Mestre, where we arrived at 9 pm.

We are very thankful to be staying at the home of the missionaries. They are away right now and have graciously given us the use of their home. We are able to all be together and the A/C is wonderful! Sunday morning we enjoyed worship at the local church and one of our team members shared his testimony and challenged us to be intentional about using that to share Christ with others.

We had a rare afternoon of rest after lunch when most slept. Then we headed to the local park to set up the hooks and check out what the scenario was because of the construction. We got into a little 3 v 3 game at the park and started building relationships with several young men. We ended up seeing those same young men downtown a few hours later as we migrated to the local piazza (town square) to watch the Euro Cup 2012 Final between Italy and Spain with several thousand others. It was a tremendous atmosphere, but not a pleasant result for the Italians. They were downed 4-0, but it was so cool to be a part of the culture in that way Sunday night!

It is time for breakfast and then off to camp. Thanks again for praying for us. We greatly appreciate it and need it!

To God be the Glory!

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