Italy Update 7

It is Thursday night and we are about to close out the second week of camp in Imola tomorrow. We praise the Lord for His faithfulness throughout the week. It has been hot, but the kids (and coaches) have persevered.

Tuesday night we played some pickup ball with friends of the missionary. It was fun to get to know some guys our age and get out and play a little. We have quite a different group at camp as we have one group in the morning and sometimes we have a few more in the afternoon. Some kids have played ball before while others are just learning the game. It is quite the mix. But we are having a good time. It is nice to be in the gym in the morning for 2.5 hours with the kids before an hour in the pool and lunch. From 2:30 – 5:45 we run a clinic on two outdoor courts. Kids love their water breaks, which is probably a good thing.

These are long days as we get up at 7 am, meet the kids at 8:15 and drop them off again at 6:45 before we head home for dinner, a game and Team Time. But we are all doing well and are looking forward to finishing strong.

Kids have been very attentive to the personal testimonies coaches are sharing and to the Gospel presentation which was given today. We may not know the impact on the kids this side of Heaven, but we certainly trust that God has that part under control! We are doing our best to be faithful to Him in sharing His love and His Word with these kids.

Tomorrow is our last day with the kids, which is always bittersweet. We are all looking forward to a great time with the kids before the parents come up and join us for dinner. We will have a closing program with everyone and then play a game against a team from Imola. We are looking forward to some great things that God will do tomorrow and ask that you would pray along those lines. Thanks so much for standing with us in ministry! It is greatly appreciated!

Saturday we are off to Florence before we fly out on Sunday afternoon.


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