Italy Update 8

Bona sera!

It is Friday evening and camp is over. A big sigh of relief, yet a tinge of sadness. It was a tremendous week in Mestre! We had a lot of fun playing bball, but more importantly, we had a great time interacting with the kids about a personal relationship with Christ.

The Gospel was shared at the end of camp yesterday and we challenged the kids to come to camp today with questions. Guess what … they came loaded for bear! They really asked some great questions throughout the day and several kids seem to be on the verge of turning their lives over to Christ. We continue to pray for the Lord’s work in their lives and look forward to hearing how the follow up goes with the church once we leave.

Last night we played one of the local teams and had a tremendous time. There were multiple opportunities to demonstrate good sportsmanship and character. Suffice to say the game is both played and reffed differently here in Italy than what we are used to. It was a great game and we missed a free throw at the end of the game to tie it up. We had another opportunity to share a testimony and the other team was very respectful and grateful. The captain of the team came over and share some thoughts with our team when it was all said and done.

The party tonight at church was a blast! We decided last year to have the closing program at the church so that parents learn where the church is located and so they actually experience an evangelical church in some capacity. The place was packed tonight as we were only missing 3 kids from camp. There was plenty of speeches, food, hugs, pictures, and autographs to go around. The best part of the night is sharing the Gospel and giving out the Christian character award to the camper that most exhibited the qualities we talked about all week. What a tremendous night! We again look forward to what the Lord is going to do with the seeds that were planted this week. Hopefully we do not have to wait until next year to see fruit form the labor.

Tomorrow morning we are headed into Venice for the day. Looking forward to some time together and to seeing and experiencing such a beautiful city! Thanks again for praying for us! There will not be another update until next week as we travel home Sunday morning and get back to the US late Sunday night. May God be glorified in all we say and do over the next few days.


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