March Missions Update

This was a busy month for us! We had three teams visit our Costa Rica location and much was accompliished! All three of the teams were able to hold sports clinics for school aged children across San Jose. There were amazing experiences as they interacted with the locals and built relationships in the community.

The groups were able to visit a few grade schools where they taught the kids about disc golf, basketball, and soccer. They got great feedback from the kids about the activities and were able to share some thoughts about sportsmanship and testimonies. Because of these events, our staff in Costa Rica has been able to establish relationships with the schools which they are hoping to turn into weekly sports clubs.

Besides holding clinics for school aged children, the groups were able to visit 2 separate prisons where one group even held a soccer match against the inmates. This is particularly special because the inmates usually have limited physical exercise and they seemed to really enjoy the activities that the groups brought to them.

Another notable thing that was accomplished during the visits, was that one of the groups was able to install a 9 hole disc golf course in San Jose. They also held a course kick off where over a hundred kids showed up and participated in. The city is hoping to expand the course in the future.

Overall, God has done some incredible things in Costa Rica. Thank you to everyone who supported and prayed for the teams.






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