Miami Travel Day 1 – Hit the Road Jack

Well, no one in our group is named Jack, but we hit the road nonetheless. And we had a few adventures along the way. Yes, after the first 45 seconds of Matisyahu coming through our speakers as we pulled out of the Emmaus Push the Rock Headquarters, the MP3 player tape adaptor failed. Err. That’s all it said. Later somewhere in Virginia a tired heavily-mustached trucker driving only his sleeper cab was having some trouble staying inside the lane markings between nods off. Don’t worry though, we passed him quickly and arrived safely at the home of our hosts, the Schneiders, where we were treated to a delicious lasagna dinner! Praise the Lord for safe traveling! We plan to get an early start tomorrow and drive the remaining 12 or so hours to Miami. Please pray for another safe day of travel and a good time of ministry preparation.

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