MWS Trip Update 5-12-12 Part I

The team is stirring…we are getting ready for another great day in San Jose.  Just wanted to keep everyone informed of today’s plans, as there was a last minute addition to the schedule.  Flexibility is always key!

We’ll be eating breakfast shortly and then we are off to a local church to run a morning clinic.  We expect 50 children, but it could be more…or less!  We never know really, see above comment about flexibility!  This is an outstanding group, and they’ll be more than able to handle the challenge.

After spending a couple hours teaching and sharing, we’ll be back for lunch and then off for the ladies’ first match of the trip.   A nearby university phoned yesterday to say they’d like to play, so the team is pumped to get out on the field to let their skills and love shine!

We’d appreciate your continued prayers for travelling safeties, energy, and lives to be impacted for eternity! More to come later:)

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