Spain July 4, 2011 Update 10

Monday July 4

As Americans celebrate Independence day, the rest of the world carries on with normal life.  From our town in Tenerife, this was the case.  No fireworks, no flags, no celebrations.  But as believers, we celebrate the eternal life that we have in Jesus Christ and began our day with that in mind.  Challenged to live a life that is characterized by ‘walking with God’, the team began the second week of basketball clinics in the town of La Victoria.  The morning clinic has us as a part of the town’s summer camp and we worked with 68 kids ages 6-9.  Not all of the kids were interested in becoming great basketball players, but they did as we asked them.  It was fun to work with them and then also have some relay races with them.  After a lunch and a great team time where we worshiped in song and discussed the 4th commandment, we returned back to the gym for the afternoon clinic.  The kids at this clinic were older, ages 9 – 15, and totaled 48.  Some of them could really play well and it was a joy to work with them.  Others are still learning the game but are interested in getting better.  We played Hot Shot with them and watched the excitement as they played the new game.  Following the clinic, the PTR ladies played against a women’s team for the city.  Although PTR lost, they played well in the transition game and made adjustments well during the game.  There was good support from the PTR men during the game, giving the game a fun atmosphere.  We have enjoyed the first day in La Victoria and look forward to the rest of the week.

Coach Brendan

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