Spain July 6, 2011 Update 12

Wednesday, July 6

Both of the clinics in La Victoria went well today.  For the morning clinic, we worked with the same group we worked with on Monday.  The kids are a part of the town’s summer camp program and we get the opportunity to teach them a bit about basketball and play various games with them.  We are also able to share a bit about sportsmanship and the gospel with them in the big group setting.  The afternoon clinic brings the same kids as Monday and Tuesday, kids with a good understanding of the basics of basketball.  With these kids, we work on fine tuning their game and helping them improve in various areas.  They are fun to work with and enjoy working with us.  They have big smiles and open hearts that accept us and our teaching. We have the kids broken up into an older group and a younger group.  There are two teams that play in the younger group and 5 teams that play in the older group.  Each of the teams in the older group have an NBA team name and enjoy playing each other.  We have seen some good sportsmanship during these games but also a few times when sportsmanship was needed.  In between the clinics is lunch and after lunch, we had another team time.  Looking at the 6th commandment, thou shalt not kill, the discussed this commandment in light of the culture in which it was given as well as how it applies today.  God provided us with good insight and discussion that was edifying to us all.  Following the afternoon clinic, the girls team played a game against the best team in their division on the island.  PTR started off very slow and found themselves down by 19 points.  But as the game played on in the final quarter, the PTR team was able to get within 8, hitting a 3 pointer  with less than a minute left to play.  Although they lost 42-50, the PTR team played hard and using team work were able do a great job and display very good sportsmanship.  With only a few days left in the trip, please continue to pray that the team will stay strong and finish well.

In His strength,
Coach Brendan

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