Spain July 1, 2011 Update 8

Friday, July 1

All good things must come to an end, however we always enjoy them while they last.  The week of the clinics in Santa Ursula and Puerto Cruz were wrapped up with a lot of fun and excitement today.  We received a real treat today at the camp in the morning at Santa Ursula.  The Director of the Basketball club in Santa Ursula, who has arranged for us to use the gym, also made arrangements for us to have the City Councilman in charge of sports visit the clinic.  While he was there, he presented to PTR and the church a plaque as a token of thanks for all that we did to make the clinic happen and provide the clinic for the kids.  The city also printed up certificates of participation for all of the kids who were at the clinic.  Not only that, the Director of the SU club also arranged for refreshments to be served  by the city to the whole clinic after everything was over.  Knowing that all this was going to happen, we invited the parents to show up to see the kids play and to be a part of the ceremony where they received their certificates and could enjoy the refreshments.  It was really neat to see all of the support that we received from the City of Santa Ursula, the basketball club of Santa Ursula, and all of the parents who spent time with us today.  All of these things together were like a small program, very much like what we do in the Lehigh Valley.  In my experiences at PTR, I have never had the City provide refreshments at the end of the clinic or have a City Councilman come to the clinic and thank us for what we did.  It is neat to see God moving and not only allowing us to have clinics in Santa Ursula, but also providing refreshments for everyone, free of charge.  God is also working the lives of those we are coming in contact with.  He is giving us favor in the eyes of men to allow us to do great things for Him.

The clinic in Puerto Cruz also ended well.  We started a 3 v 3 tournament with all of the kids yesterday and we ended it today.  Eight teams worked through a double elimination tournament to give us a winner.  When it came time for the championship game, we had all the kids sit to watch the final game.  Those watching cheered and rooted hard for their friends and after a hard battle, the winners were rewarded with PTR t-shirts.  Smiles brighten the faces of the winners.  The Director of the basketball club in Puerto Cruz was also on hand to the end to of the clinic and to show his support of what we are doing.  Those in leadership of the basketball club in PLC have helped us so much in all that we have done.  It is so great that God has used these people to make our clinics happen.

We played our final game of the week tonight in the first gym that we played in.  The team played hard but was not able to win.  Following the game, we had the opportunity to talk with the other players and some were even given tracks.  We pray that the Lord will use what we have done to bring souls to Himself.

For the Team,
Coach Brendan

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