Spain Madrid – July 8 update 2014

Today began much like yesterday with breakfast in the homes of our hosts and a meeting at the home of Oscar and Christina.  The challenge from Scripture came from Philippians again, picking up where we left off yesterday by following the with text that the team had memorized prior to leaving for the trip.  As we finished the meeting with details for the day, we closed in prayer and then headed down to the gym.  Met by the same large swarm of kids as yesterday (plus a few more), we started our second clinic of the week.  The elements of the camp flowed smoother today and the kids had more activities packed into the clinic.  Pool time was also longer for the kids because they have learned to become quiet and orderly quicker, a blessing to all of the coaches and translators and allowing us to do more with them.  Lunch and team time was held in the same restaurant as yesterday and with full stomachs, the team heard the testimonies of Dwight and Kory.  Our devotional today then came from James 1:1-11 as the whole team was participating in the study.  The community involvement this afternoon had us going to local parks to play pick-up soccer with people who were already there at the parks.  Divided into three groups, groups one and two were successful in finding places to play and kids to play with.  A great time of mingling with the locals and watching mostly basketball players play soccer, the time was well spent.  The third group built relationships with children who were at the community pool.  With translators at each venue, we were looking to create interest in our group so we could connect them with the local church plant.  It was back to the gym at 7:30 to warm-up for our game.  Playing a team from a town about 45 minutes a way, we were considered the home team and had the town, the kids at camp, and our own fans cheering for us.  No matter how hard we worked and no matter how many times we scored, we just couldn’t keep the score where it needed to be to win.  With a final point differential of 50+ points, we came away from the game a little disappointed with the loss.  All was not lost, however, since Brendan was able to have a great conversation with the head official and in doing so, continued to build the bridge that was started last year.  Encouraged with our sportsmanship, he told us to continue to develop the character in ourselves and continue to function as we are currently doing.  He has remained supportive of how we conduct ourselves as we work to display a testimony that honors the Lord.  Throughout the game, the kids from the clinics who were in the stands tonight were able to see our values in action and see that we can play differently and make a difference in others.  After a great meal by our hosts, we are ready for bed after another long day, placing our heads on the pillows and within moments, are happily dreaming of tomorrow.

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