Spain Team Update #1 June 27, 2010

At 10:40AM local time, the full team touched down on the Island of Tenerife, Spain.  Without a single glitch, the flights and transportation to the church went very well.  Greeted by missionaries Steve and Nathan, the PTR team met up with the team of translators from Madrid and headed off to begin the great adventure.  Since the church was still in service when the full team arrived, the teams took a short trip to a local cafe that sits on an outcropping of rock.  Marveled by the wonderful sights of the island, team members commented on the beauty of God’s creation and His incredible power to create such things.  One member even chuckled in disbelief that such awesomeness could somehow have ‘just happened’ and evolved into what we see today.  We have again, as others before us, affirmed that God is the Creator of the Universe.  Once at the church, the full team (PTR and the Madrid translators) were met with a warm greeting from the Tenerife church. Many hugs were exchanged and the love of Christ was on display by the Tenerife church.  Lunch was prepared by the church and then eaten by the full team.  Following a great meal, the teams spent time worshiping in song and planning the rest of the day as well as talking through the logistics of the camps that will be run this week.  After a short break to take a walking tour of the area (or to stay awake?) the team met again with missionary Dave to discuss simulation into the culture.  7:30Pm local time brought another meal, this one lighter, and then trips to the various housing locations.  Knowing that there are World Cup matches on TV that ‘need’ to be watched and that every moment of sleep is absolutely precious, the team will make the toughest choice of all as they lay their heads down drift off to a great night’s sleep.

We covet your prayers for all things.  For the team,

Coach Brendan

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