Spain Tenerife update 6.20.14

Day 1: Friday, June 20
Meeting everyone at 4:30PM at Bethel Bible Fellowship Church in Emmaus went off without a hitch.  10 people gathered from various parts of America and some from our very own Lehigh Valley set off on the adventure called PTR Spain – Tenerife 2014.  Loaded in a 15 passenger van with 10 huge duffle bags and 11 carry-on bags, the team and its driver headed off to New York for JFK airport.  Enjoying the cool and comfort of the van, the camaraderie of fellow teammates, and the gentle rocking back forth which gave way to sleep, the trip had finally begun.  Months of effort had been poured into the preparation for this ministry adventure.  However, with only 30 miles to go, the van just died.  Our skillful driver gently glided the van to the side of the highway and began to assess the situation.  With no power to even put down the windows, the team was stranded, roadside on the outskirts of Staten Island.  As the driver and team leader evaluate the situation and are preparing to call AAA, a tow truck appears from nowhere.  Within moments, the van and all of its contents, both living and inanimate, were on the back of the tow truck’s bed.  Fighting through heavy traffic, the truck was able to deposit the van and its team at a safe location, a shopping center parking lot.  As the van is put back on the ground, and AAA is called, our driver spots a church steeple.  Leaving to see if that church might have a van to lend, our driver hustled off to investigate.  Thinking it was a long shot, attention was turned to AAA.  As we are mid-discussion with AAA, our diver, as giddy as a school girl, calls to inform us that the church as an 11 passenger van AND and a driver (accompanied by his wife) that is willing to take us to JFK.  Not sparing a moment, the 11 passenger van arrives and is filled to the gills with luggage and people, the latter of which is spread precariously over luggage and each other.  A wonderful couple, our hosts (Phil and Cathy) had not been to their church’s Friday night service in over 8 months.  God led them to their church that night, not to join in the celebration of the service, but to be a service to us.  Natives to the area, they glided us effortlessly through traffic and to the airport, enjoying an incredible conversation which even included Phil’s testimony of how God drew him to Himself.  With 1.5 hours to take off, we arrived at the airport, in jubilation not of our arrival but for the fellowship and servanthood of our friends.  Checkin proved to be another battle that the Enemy attempted to thwart our plans, but the Almighty prevailed and we arrived at our gate with 15 mins to spare.  The flight departed 1 hour behind schedule, but made the time up in the air and we arrived in Madrid on time.  Once again, God displayed His complete and sovereign control over all situations, working all things for the good of those that love Him and have been called to His purpose.
Coach Brendan

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