Spain Tenerife update 6.21.14

Day 2: Saturday, June 21
The 2 hour lay-over in Madrid was spent sitting, waiting, and talking with each other.  The wait continued once we were on board due to a half hour delay.  Our arrival in Tenerife was also delayed by the same amount of time but our hosts didn’t seem to mind!  Hugs and greetings were shared as the team met up with the hosts.  Off to the cars to travel from the North part of the island to the South where we will be working this first week.  A stop was made at restaurant for dinner where we enjoyed great food which included 3 pizzas which were each 3 feet long and 8” wide.  Good food bred good times as all present were introduced to each other.  Following the meal, the team and its hosts moved into our home for the week, had one quick team meeting and then unpacked and headed to bed.  A long two days are now over and we are ready to see God do even more incredible things.
Coach Brendan

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