Spain Update #1 June 22, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 1

Eleven.  I have been on four trips to one of the seven Canary Islands and have never experienced the combined effort of so many people to find out what is “Push the Rock”.  Eleven times someone stopped one or more of our group to ask that question as we traveled over 14 hours on the journey to Tenerife.  Of those 11 encounters, I personally had three of them, two of which gave the opportunity to explain the mission and purpose of our group.  I used the words “Jesus”, “Gospel”, “Ministry”, “Character”, “Integrity”, etc to curious people who read those three words on our shirts: Push the Rock.  In airport lounges.  In airplane isles,  Passing through security.  People want to know what Push the Rock is.  And we’re here to tell them.

Once on the ground, the day consisted of meetings that introduced us to the church we will be working with, logistics and team procedures, and preparation for the clinics.  We have been well taken care of by our gracious missionary hosts and are off to a great start.  Time was also given to prepare for the rest of the meetings, clinics, and other activities that we will encounter this next week.   There has only been one hitch so far: seven of our fourteen bags came on the flight behind ours, leaving some team members without their bags for just a few hours.  We were blessed by having all of our luggage arrive safely.  We have also met two others who joined our team here on the island: Joe and William, both veterans of the Push the Rock outreaches in Tenerife.  It was a great reunion for us as we have gathered team members from the first three trips together to help form this fourth team.  A third person comes to join the team, Nelson, arriving on Saturday from Venezuela.  After two great meals and everything in between, the night ended with a quick run into a local seaside town for a little gelato before we headed back to our places for the night.

The sun has set and we lay our 16 heads down to rest knowing that tomorrow the sun will rise as we rise and look to the Son to see what He has set before us.

In Him,

Coach Brendan

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