Spain Update #12 7.8.10


Today was packed with events.  Camps in the morning, a PTR radio interview, camp in the afternoon, a women’s game and a men’s game.  Through in there three meals and a team time – it was a packed day!  The camps went well.  After the morning camps, Missionary Nathan gave another gospel message to the kids.  These campers were the youngest group and we spent a lot of energy keeping them engaged with the games we had for them.  It was exhausting work, but well worth it.  We continue to pray that the work and messages of God’s good news would find it’s way into their hearts.  The radio interview was a blessing from the Lord as Missionary Dave, Annie, and Brendan talked freely about the values that PTR brings to basketball and life.  Much like the interview last year, the time was well spent sharing with listeners what PTR is about.  It was a great opportunity for the local community to know what we are doing and what we are about.  The afternoon camp went well even thought there were about 40 kids.  Both the PTR ladies and PTR men played well in their games.  The ladies team played very well as a team and won by a large margin.  The game was characterized by great passing and good team work.  The men’s game was exciting, especially when late in the game the other team came from behind to tie it up.  With about 7 minuets to go, the PTR men took the lead for good and won by 6.  After the game there was great fellowship among the two teams.  It was even heard that the opposing team said they needed two black boys on their team, too since they were so fast and quick.  We are grateful that the Lord has given us talent and that we have the opportunity to use it for Him.

Until next time and for the team,
Coach Brendan

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